WSU Wilke Farm Field Day

WSU will host the annual Wilke Farm Field day that includes presentations and tours of small grains, canola, and other research trials. A small plot winter canola variety trial, small…

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PNWCA Spring canola tour – Genesee, ID

46.5641624, -117.0078851

Join us at the Herman farm west of Genesee, ID to take a look at and learn about several spring canola research trials being funded by the ID and WA…

MSU Summer Field Day -NARC Havre

MSU Northern Ag Research Center 3710 Assinniboine Road, Havre

Join us to learn about the latest field trials and research results at MSU-NARC - forages, cereals, oilseeds, and livestock.  For more information call (406) 265-6115.