PNWCA Membership

Producers, industry, and agencies who have an interest in canola and the betterment of the canola industry are all eligible for membership in the Pacific Northwest Canola Association. Industry membership ranges from $500 to $5,000 per year, with a voting seat on the Board of Directors at the $5,000-per-year level. 

Supporting the Canola Industry

The interest level in canola has never been higher and the potential for near- and long-term acreage growth is here. New markets are being developed, providing more options for growers to make economically sound decisions for including canola in rotation. The PNWCA strives to support and further the canola industry—from growers all the way to consumers. Join today!

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"You need to be willing to put time into learning about canola and not treat it second-hand."

For growers who are actively involved in farming, and growers and landowners who have an interest in canola.

  • Annual dues include membership in the PNWCA and the U.S. Canola Association
  • Producer members are eligible to vote in-person at the Board of Directors election that is held during the Annual Membership portion of the February/March USCA Annual Membership meeting.

This category includes any business, organization, or individual that has an interest in canola production, processing, and marketing. Members at any level are eligible for a seat on the Board of Directors; Platinum members can also vote. There are four levels of membership available:

  • Platinum ($5,000). Platinum-level membership entitles the member to a voting seat on the PNWCA Board of Directors and the opportunity for the Secretary-Treasurer position
  • Gold ($2,500)
  • Silver ($1,000)
  • Associate ($500)

This category includes any non-profit organization, government agency, or employee of one of these agency members that has an interest in canola and the betterment of the canola industry.

Payment Options

To join, please include your name, mailing address, and email along with a check made out to PNW Canola Association and mail it to:

PNW Canola Association
Attn: Karen Sowers
6672 W Placita de las Botas
Tucson, AZ  85743

Credit card payments are also available; please email if that method is preferred. Note there will be a 3% processing fee for credit card transactions.