Stop ‘n’ Talk Tour – “So Worthwhile!” July 9, 2019

There was a wealth of information gained at a Stop ’n’ Talk tour in mid-June near Albion, WA. These short-notice field stops are an opportunity for growers to drop by a field for a short time to ask questions, compare notes, and listen to canola production information from other growers, industry reps, and university canola staff. Topics covered at this tour included crop and chemical rotation options, weed control in-crop and prior to canola, pest and diseases to look for and how to treat them, current field projects, research at WSU and UI, upcoming variety releases, PNW Canola Association updates, and canola marketing. The networking and discussion extended to nearly two hours with valuable insight about the above topics, and growers sharing why they are growing canola, what has and hasn’t worked on their farms, and lessons learned. Canola growers Heidi & Keith Kopf commented “we really like the format of these tours, the time spent is so worthwhile” simply because of the conversation generated between everyone. If you would like to host a Stop ‘n’ Talk tour in the field or at your shop anytime during the growing season or the offseason, please email and we’ll do our best to get the word out!

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