WSU Soil Health Coffee Hour on Zoom

WSU Farmers Network is featuring PhD student Janice Parks presenting her work on peaola effects on microbial diversity and function. Register here to receive the event link

406 Agronomy Summit – Havre MT

MSU-Northern 300 13th St W, Havre, MT

We'll be giving a presentation "Canola in Montana: The Future is Bright Yellow" at 1 pm Nov. 28 as part of the 406 Agronomy Summit.  Registration and other information about…

WSU Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Symposium

Pullman, WA

WSU Farmers Network - This event will cover presentations on a range of topics around nitrogen fertility, micro-nutrients, mycorhizzal association and more!

PNWCA Strategic Planning meeting

During our quarterly Board of Directors meeting a decision was made to form a Strategic Planning Advisory Group. We will have a meeting ahead of our Annual Member meeting to…